Jacuzzi Electrical Box Distribution Box

Jacuzzi Electrical Distribution Box is the heart of any Jacuzzi and controls every single component. It is also the place where all the wiring comes together and can easily be replaced by an electrician that knows his trade.


Due to such a wide variety of configurations it’s maybe better to speak to a consultant, so we can make the right unit for your requirements.

Components in a Jacuzzi Electrical Distribution Board/Box

1. Box/Housing – We offer a fire retardant housing where everything fits in.

2. Thermostat – The device that controls the temperature. Should have a range of 0-50 Degrees.

3. Air Switches – These switches are the link between the buttons on top of the Jacuzzi/Spa and the components on the pump system.

4. Transformer (For a Light) – Converts 220 V to 12V.

5. Circuit Breaker – Safety switches that trip when there is a problem with any component.

6. Main Isolator – Is the switch that connects your Jacuzzi with the main power supply in the house.

7. Wiring – Wires that connect everything together in order to function correctly.

8. Contactor – Electric device that regulates the amount of electrical current that goes to the individual components. Is controlled by the thermostat


All these components work together to make your Jacuzzi experience as hassle free as possible. With most of the components being controlled while you sit in the Jacuzzi, it is sometimes just necessary to get out if you want to change the temperature.

More advanced units are fitted with digital controllers and enable you to even control the temperature from inside the comfort of the bath.

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