Jacuzzi Blower

Jacuzzi Blower Pump 2 Stage 1000 W Silent

Jacuzzi Air Blower injects air into the water, which allows for increased levels of oxygen. Sitting in these high levels of oxygen promotes blood circulation and helps with skin complexion.

When replacing your blower motor, it is important to rather get a qualified person to help you, because it can explode if done incorrectly..

If you insist on doing it yourself, you can purchase a blower motor and then install it easily.

JUST REMEMBER: After you have glued the Blower onto the PVC pipe, you should let it stand for an hour or two before switching it on.

The reason for this is that the PVC glue gives off fumes which go into the blower housing. Once it is activated, the spark of the electric motor starting will ignite those fumes and your blower will explode, hopefully not injuring you in any way, but it is better to be careful. If you are not sure, then its fine if you do not glue the pipe for the blower. As it does not carry water and it does not have to be sealed with PVC weld.

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