500 Micron Solar Bubble Blanket

Super Cell Premium 500 UV pool covers – a great way to Heat and Enjoy your pool !
The pool cover pays for itself by drastically cutting water evaporation from Wind and Sun.

A great way to Heat and Enjoy your pool !

Durable and lightweight to ensure hassle free On and Off sliding.

Convenient and a hassle free way to keep your pool heated and keep debris out.

Benefits include, greatly reduced water evaporation and chemical usage.

Save up to 97% on water evaporation and up to 70% on Pool Chemicals.

Super Cell Premium 500 UV covers can increase water temperature by between 4º to 8º C.

Many covers block the sun from reaching into the water, the Super Cell Premium 500 UV pool cover, is Blue Translucent and features the latest developments in Global Technology to allow UV ray’s to penetrate and heat the pool water.

A 500-micron solar blanket refers to the thickness or gauge of a specific type of solar blanket used for swimming pools. The micron measurement represents the thickness of the material, with a lower micron value indicating a thinner and more lightweight blanket. Here’s some information about a 500-micron solar blanket:

Thickness: A 500-micron solar blanket is relatively thick and durable compared to thinner options available in the market. The higher micron value indicates a thicker and heavier blanket, which typically offers better insulation and heat retention properties.

Material: Solar blankets are commonly made from a sturdy and UV-resistant material, such as polyethylene or polypropylene. These materials are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and provide effective heat insulation for the pool water.

Heat Retention: The primary purpose of a solar blanket is to help retain heat in the pool water by capturing and trapping the sun’s energy. Thicker blankets with a higher micron value generally provide better insulation and heat retention, thereby reducing heat loss and extending the swimming season.

Energy Efficiency: By preventing heat loss, a 500-micron solar blanket helps reduce the need for supplemental heating methods, such as gas or electric heaters. This can result in energy savings and lower heating costs for the pool.

Evaporation Reduction: In addition to heat retention, solar blankets also help minimize water evaporation from the pool surface. By covering the pool, they create a barrier that reduces water loss, conserves water resources, and reduces the need for frequent refilling.

Debris Protection: Solar blankets also act as a barrier against leaves, dirt, insects, and other debris from entering the pool. They help keep the water cleaner and reduce the need for manual skimming and cleaning.

Installation and Use: Installing a solar blanket involves unrolling and spreading it over the pool surface, ensuring it covers the entire area. It’s important to properly secure the blanket to prevent wind lift or movement. The blanket can be trimmed to fit the pool shape, if necessary. When using the pool, the blanket can be easily removed and stored.

It’s worth noting that the effectiveness of a solar blanket depends on factors such as the pool’s location, climate, and exposure to sunlight. While a 500-micron solar blanket provides relatively good insulation and heat retention, it’s advisable to consider the specific requirements of your pool and consult with a pool professional to determine the most suitable solar blanket thickness for optimal performance.

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