Jacuzzi Hydro Therapy Massage Jet 32/32 mm – White




Jacuzzi Hydro Therapy Massage Jets can come in various sizes and configurations. Currently, the most popular size is the 50 mm / 32 mm variation. This Size gives you the most Jet pressure and is supposed to be the standard, although some manufacturers try to save cost by installing the cheaper 32 mm / 32 mm jets.

The 32 mm/32 mm Jets are used when there is limited space available or on the 4 seater Jacuzzi where only 4 Jacuzzi Hydro Therapy Massage Jets are installed. The size of the jets really affect the flow from the pump and restricting it with a 32 mm pipe takes away most of it’s effectiveness.

On 50 mm / 32 mm jets, the 32 mm pipe connects to a venturi system. This venturi system, when activated, allows for air to be sucked into the water line, thus increasing the pressure, by increasing the volume.


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