Jacuzzi Hard Water Heating Element 4 Kw


When deciding on a heating system for your Jacuzzi it is important to take in to consideration what type of power supply you need.

The right heating element to install in your Jacuzzi will be a 4000 W Hard Water Element, which should heat your Jacuzzi up in +/- 4-5 hours, providing you have an insulating Jacuzzi cover and the heating element is not more than 3 meters from the Jacuzzi.

When installing a 4000 W Hard Water Element on your Jacuzzi, it is very important to have the right power supply feeding the element.

By installing a 4 mm twin and earth cable, supplied from a 30 Amp Circuit Breaker in your houses main Distribution Box, you should have ample power to run all the components on your Jacuzzi without anything tripping, or your house burning down.


It is important to understand this concept, as some electric cables are designed only to take a certain amount of current before it starts overheating and then either tripping the power or becomes a potential fire hazard.



Jacuzzi Hard Water Heating Element 4 Kw


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