Spa, Jacuzzi, Hot Tub Heater Casing PVC

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Introducing our PVC Heater Casing designed specifically for spa, jacuzzi, and hot tub heaters. This durable and heat-resistant casing is crafted from high-quality PVC material, providing excellent protection and insulation for your heater element.

With its precise fit and secure construction, it ensures that the heater remains safely enclosed and well-insulated, preventing any water contact or damage. The PVC casing is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and UV radiation, ensuring long-lasting performance in the challenging environment of your hydrotherapy system.

Upgrade your spa, jacuzzi, or hot tub with our reliable and robust PVC Heater Casing, providing enhanced safety and efficiency for your heating system.



Spa, Jacuzzi, Hot Tub Heater Casing PVC

Jacuzzi PVC Heater Casings can be used on ponds and pools too. Takes a standard geyser element and can also be fitted with a Jacuzzi Hard Water Element.

Special precaution should be taken, if you have this type of Jacuzzi Heater Casing. Make  sure that you know the procedure to start up your Jacuzzi or else, this PVC pipe will melt.

Once melted the Jacuzzi Hard Water Element will have no water and will burn out, resulting in the power tripping. Worst case scenario is that it might cause the whole pump system to catch on fire.


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